Saturday, September 26, 2009

Binding for hire

In the last week I've attached and finished the binding on three quilts, totaling 474 linear inches. I started offering the service through the quilt shop where I work, and the local longarm quilters have been happy to refer clients to me. I realized, after the first quilt, that I am paying myself a little above minimum wage... but since it requires little else but time and patience, it feels more like getting paid to watch a lot of TV.

If binding a quilt doesn't make sense, here is a good tutorial! She cuts her binding strips way skinnier than me--I stick to 2.25"-wide strips.

I also started retaking photos for my Etsy. I'm not sure if the new pictures are more interesting, but I was unhappy with the lighting and arrangement of the old ones. A couple of before-and-after shots:


Tomorrow I am off to Bernina training in lovely Naperville, IL, home of Bob Odenkirk. I'll be there Sunday through Friday... oh my!

I made another set of magnets today and started taking pictures for my Etsy account, but after the first photo my camera battery died. I ran around the house emptying out drawers, digging through boxes and generally tearing through every possible hiding place looking for the charger. After more than an hour of frustration, what do you think I spotted, sitting on top of my dresser in plain sight? Yeah. Here it is:


  1. I yet to make a quilt, but I am very fascinated by binding. :)


  2. I definitely like your retaken photos better. Much more interesting.
    I love that my camera has a rechargeable battery that recharges in about 30 minutes.


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