Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Look look look! I made these:

You, too, can buy the PDF pattern here and here from I Think Sew patterns. The designer has a handful of really adorable adult and baby-sized slippers. I bought this one because it looked simpler than the others. Online patterns can also be dicey, so I went for the less expensive option first.

I was really happy with the instructions, though. You get about 28 pages of instructions and pattern pieces. I've read some lukewarm-to-bad reviews of I Think Sew patterns because it's apparent that the designer/writer isn't a native English-speaker. The pattern was so well-written and specific, though, that the occasional curious phrasing didn't matter. It seemed like she was aware of this and made an extra effort to spell things out. So don't believe the hype! I Think Sew patterns are great, and I can't wait to try more of them!


  1. Very Cute. Great Fabric Choice!

  2. Those turned out cute, I have a few of her patterns too. How do the bottoms feel? I felt that the fusible fleece acutally needed a boost for the toddler slippers.

  3. The first time I made these, I only used fusible fleece in the sole insert and they felt pretty flat. Every time I've made them since, I use both fusible fleece and wool or cotton batting for a little extra cushion! The wool is my favorite because it's so lofty and warm.

  4. Cute color and style! I used to try only sewing bags.

  5. Thanks for your review! I've been wanting to make some of these since I saw them on etsy...maybe I saw yours! So, I think I'm going to buy the pattern and try them myself. I have one question..I have really narrow feet (the ONLY thing narrow on me! hehe)do you think I could narrow up the toe end of this pattern and NOT screw it up? BTW I'm in the Nashville area!

  6. Hi there! To answer your question: I think you could narrow the toe area a little, or maybe just sew the entire pattern with a slightly more generous seam allowance. When I printed the pattern for this pair, the PDF was a little larger than 100% so they turned out a little roomy, which I don't mind. When I made them again and printed them correctly, they fit more snugly. So you may not have to take them in much at all! The other pair I made in the same size were blogged here, for comparison:

    Good luck!


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