Saturday, May 15, 2010

fabric haul: Bolt

Last month I spent a couple weeks in Portland, Oregon visiting family with my lovely mama.  We devoted an entire day to fabric shopping; also part of the fabric safari was my aunt Debe (who quilts), and my aunt Connie (who does not, but exercised boundless patience in the role of chauffeur).  I figured I'd break down the fabric haul by shop.

Here are my spoils from stop #1, Bolt Fabric Boutique on NE Alberta:

Pictured from upper left: 2 yd Little Folks voile; 1 yd of oak trees and 1/3 yd of a nice irregular herringbone from Modern Meadow; 1/3 yd of a versatile helicopter dot from Timber; 1/2 yd of pastry line dobby stripe from Little Folks.

You can see I was trying to keep myself in check.  I decided 1/3 of a yard is the new 1/4... 12" is far more usable than 9" for quilting, but it still feels like I am being conservative in my stash-building.  My first order of business was seeking out Colette Patterns' Sencha blouse.  I didn't find it, and asked a staff member who kindly produced the last copy from their back stock.  What luck!  The Little Folks floral will some day become a Sencha blouse.

I like Bolt; I've said it before!  The shop is compact, but has lots of quilting-weight cottons and a substantial inventory of home dec-weight prints.  They also have a really nice, carefully curated selection of garment fabrics, which I appreciate although I didn't buy them.  Like wool jersey.  And other beautiful fabrics, of different weaves and fiber content, which I cannot recall. 

Portland, I envy your access to amazing fabrics!  When in Portland, plan a trip to Bolt.  And unlike me, make time to visit Modern Domestic, Bolt's BFF business a few blocks away--they offer classes and open sewing for a small price.

Sadly, Bolt does not offer online shopping.  But like all great fabric shops, they have a wonderful and inspiring blog!


  1. I LOVE Bolt, and I'm so glad you had a great visit there! It's definitely small, but amazing! I wish it wasn't across town, but it's always worth the trip!

  2. Bolt is wonderful! I wish it wasn't 2,200 miles away...

  3. I didn't know you came to town!
    I hope you had a ball!!

  4. those colors are amazing....what a great fabric selection!


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