Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stitch Magazine has a blog!

And I am in it!  They featured photos of the bag I'd made from Rashida Coleman-Hale's pattern in the Spring 2009 issue of Stitch.  Go here to read the article.

Oh boy, I made this bag a long time ago... last October I think?  I recall a surge of adrenaline as I cut holes in the bag to fit the grommets.  Panic!  This was my first experience with big-ol' grommets, and I was worried I'd make a mistake and hammer them wrong somehow.  It turns out I lacked the brutishness required to properly set them, so Steven strongarmed them for me.

The twill stripe was a vintage fabric, and I was intrigued by the hand-lettered selvage describing the dye process.  I fused it to the interior pocket (not included was the text indicating the fabric was treated with Scotch-Gard).

The article on StitchBlog gives suggestions for departing from a pattern's original design.  I really loved Rashida's original fabric choices, and considered copying her signature linen/cotton look; I ended up working from my stash because the local quilt shops are all closed on Sunday, which is when I do much of my sewing.

Thanks, StitchBlog, for using my photos of my work!  I always find Stitch an inspiring read, and the blog is no different.  Check it out!

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