Monday, July 5, 2010

going back to Dixie

Big news!  As of next month, I will once again call Tennessee home!  This time around, I'll be in Knoxville.

Steven will be working toward his Masters in Social Work at the University of Tennessee (Anna Maria Horner's alma mater), and I will be waiting it out for a year before attending the Appalachian Center for Craft to attain my BFA in Fibers.  Really!

This is a view of Center Hill Lake, a reservoir 64 miles in length, which is minutes from my future campus:

The Craft Center is located in Smithville, TN, which has a population of about 4,000 and an area of 5.9 square miles.  It is really tiny, really rural and absolutely gorgeous.

The fibers program itself is tiny but impressive, with about a dozen students on average.  I will be learning weaving, dyeing, surface design (screenprinting and block printing onto fabric), designing in repeats (and not!), how to weave enough fabric for a specific project, and so on.  Can you imagine?!

Have any of you been to Knoxville?  Growing up in Nashville, I had met folks from Knoxville but never visited.  All I knew of it was the Sunsphere, a charmingly gaudy souvenir of the 1982 World's Fair.  Last month Steven and I visited for the first time, and were immediately taken with the city.  It has more public parks, meeting spaces and neighborhood playgrounds than any city I've been to.

[an old mansion near UT, apparently being renovated, and beautiful in its half-ruin]

A few things we found in Knoxville that are quite exciting:


  1. Little did I know when emailing you that you too are moving next month! We are moving closer to family too. Knoxville looks awesome! Congrats on being able to attend the craft school there. I've read about it and drooled....

  2. im so jealous! how long does the fibers program last? it sounds fabulous
    good luck on your move


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