Friday, July 30, 2010

tips on joining hexagons

When I held my hexie giveaway, I asked readers to leave their hexagon-assembling tips in the comments.  In particular, I was looking for advice on preventing/remedying that little gap where the corners join.   

Here is what you all had to say about piecing:

"...I like to put an extra stitch through each point where all 3 corners of the hexagons meet and pull it tight before moving on, this usually works for me." -Jill

"...I try to eliminate that gap by grabbing just a thread or two of my corners with the needle, right where they fold over and create all the extra layers. I do a ladder stitch for connecting them, and I sometimes go back a stitch or two back the other direction to be sure I've caught those corners well." -Holly

"If you have issues when you come to a Y seam -I'm assuming this is what you're talking about- is to first stitch two corners together, and then stitch the third corner in a V shape..." -Amber

"Having sewn together over 900 1" hexies for my charm quilt I've had lots of practice on the point bit. But explaining it may just confuse more...I'll have a go though. Once you've got two hexies sewn together you'll get a 'point' when you add a third or more. I lightly crease the third addition along it's centre then when I'm getting towards the point bit then draw the needle through the very end of the first two and back through the third. I sometimes do this a couple of times. If you continue in this manner you keep the points but you also get strong stitching where all the hexies join." -Isisjem

"When I sew 2 hexies together- I get to the end and make a little pseudo knot there by running the needle thru the loop of thread as I pull it. It seems to make it stronger there-- so when I add the 3rd hexagon it just comes all together." -Karen

" I work slowly with small stitches on my hexies watching where I place my stitches so it's consistent and the spacing keeps them close." -SewLindaAnn

"I print the hexes onto freezer paper then iron them into the fabric. To join those little corner, I sew each corner to both of the others if that makes sense." -Lynne

"...To get the points of the hexies to come together i usually take some stitches around all the points...sorta do a running stitch like you do with a yoyo,give it a small tug to bring the points together. don't tug to much cause you dont want to cause then to gather like a yoyo." -lej619

"I put in an extra stitch or two to close up the gap when I'm joining hexies. It works just fine for me." -Stacey

"My tip for the corners is that i put 2 tightly pulled stitches in the very corner point at the beginning and end of sewing a side..." -miesmama

General hexagon advice:

"Don't clip the thread between hexies! Make a "hexie chain!" It stays together on the subway that way, and then just snip threads after." -Shelli

"I do hexies the traditional way. I find having a bit more that a quarter inch seam allowance is nice and I iron them a lot before and after removing the papers." -Christine

"I found out that appliqué stitch worked great with hexagons." -Sylvie

"...I've made a little 2.5" cardboard square template & have cut a 1" hexagon shape out of the middle of it so it doubles as a fancy cutting guide."-Roseyposey

 More hexie resources from readers:

"I don't have any hexie tips unfortunately - everything I know I learned from texas freckles' video tutorials." [found here]  -Angelina S.

"A neat tutorial I found is by Lady Harvatine and she shows you how to machine sew them together: [here @ ladyharvatine]" -Artisania

Thanks for the advice, everyone!  Please leave a comment if you have more to share.  Also, big thanks to those who granted me permission to use their lovely photos.  They really make the post!

I am going a little crazy because all of my sewing stuff is packed up right now, hexagons included--not a smart move, I now realize.  A girl needs her handwork!


  1. Thanks for all the tips! They're gonna be really helpful in my hexagon adventures. :)
    I love all the pictures you used in this post, they're so inspiring!

  2. what a lovely bunch of tips and pix. thanks so much for adding fuel to the fire ;o)

  3. Thanks for sharing some great tips, Britt!
    (I mentioned your post on my blog too.)

  4. Great post, Britt! I could just look at all these hexagons again and again!

  5. what an inspiring and informative post Britt! Thanks for including a pic of my "pretty" quilt!

  6. Hi,
    Uau! What a great job.



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