Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on Not Sewing...

Do you have any tricks for getting out of a creative slump, dear readers?  I sure could use some help, because I can't focus on anything.  Jessica and I are tabling the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC in a couple of weeks, so I have no shortage of sewing to do.

  • This article, entitled "Ankle Porn and Knee-gasms: Making Sewing Sexy", features photos from the early 1900s of women mending, revealing their ankles (in stockings) for all the world to see!  I'm forever entertained that that was once risque.
  • I just set up a mailing list for Owlette.  If you are so inclined, click here to sign up for Owlette Collective email updates!  No spam, we promise.  Just occasional notice of sales, upcoming craft events, the like.


  1. I have subscribed to your very lovely blog and hope you might stop by mine which is rather eclectic and not limited to sewing-- but I promise to post more on this beloved subject.
    As to your question-- how to get out of a slump--- hmmmm, I'm thinking that you need inspiration. Maybe it's a rifle through your stash to fabrics you love. Maybe it's a look through magazines and books you've saved with a hope of making one day.
    Or maybe it's something totally unrelated that refreshes-- a walk through a gorgeous garden for example.
    Or perhaps a trip to a museum. Whatever you choose, try to relax and not feel the pressure of expectations.
    Those are my best suggestions.

  2. my most surefire method for resolving a creative slump is to get in a situation where i can't work on anything due to other obligations (other work, out of town, etc.), then the desire becomes overwhelming due to the obstacle...kind of like, how the house gets really clean whenever there's a deadline for something else, but the opposite. sort of. however, these situations are hard to manufacture conveniently.


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