Saturday, August 28, 2010

postcards from my sewing room

[Looking out on our backyard, toward the neighbors' house.  Note my fondness for succulents and creepy dog statuettes.]

[for reference!]

titles of note, first shelf:
titles of note, second shelf:
Do you have any suggested craft reading?
    Note: I am not blog buddies with and am not making money every time you click a title... I considered linking each title to Powell's Books, an independent bookstore in Portland OR, because I prefer to support independently-owned businesses.  Ultimately, has more content and customer reviews of these titles than, which is why I chose to link to Amazon.  Read up on the books you love and track them down at your local independent bookstore!

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    1. I always love looking at other peoples bookshelves. I think what people read says alot about them. I guess I can tell now that you like to sew. Duh. :-)


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