Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is how I get my kicks:

While visiting my family in Nashville, I began free motion quilting a top I had finished in February, I believe.  Because of its simplicity, both in color and in pattern, I was really stuck when it came to the quilting.

See what I mean?  I certainly couldn't quilt in the ditch, and had no real patchwork shapes to follow.  An all-over motif might have worked (kinda like this, which was done with a walking foot and the feed dogs up), but ultimately I felt it called for free motion.

I wanted to address each area differently, so I referenced 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting (index of designs can be found here) and chose her Modern Art motif for the blue 'border' of sorts.  I did zig-zag lines radiating from the squares on-point, and am pebble quilting the center squares, which is oddly addictive!

I had to stop, though, because I ran out of thread.  As for the stripes which comprise the bulk of the top, I am still undecided!  I'm having trouble finding a long, skinny motif for each individual stripe and so am leaning toward an allover design.

So far this is the strongest candidate, which I'd quilt allover in patches of different thread colors which would match the stripes--but I'm not sold.  Any advice out there?  I could sure use it!!

Pattern: Phoebe by Valori Wells
Focus print: from Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party line
Hand-dyes: Gee's Bend solids
Chambray wovens: Kaffe Fassett shot cottons
Also: I blogged about this quilt a little before!


  1. I just read about a great way to try out different quilting motifs over at the Curious Quilter's blog. All you need is a picture of your quilt top, a mouse and the Windows paint program. Maybe this will help:

  2. Thanks for the link, Barb! What a great idea--I never thought of using Paint...

  3. I love that you tell about the 'process'. You might want to get hooked up with "I took the Process Pledge" It's where people are telling how and why they do what they do in quilting. It brings people to your site too.
    Beautiful quilt!
    Happy Quilting

  4. John'aLee: Thank you! I took the Process Pledge per your suggestion. I'd been hearing of it for a while, but for some reason never considered my writing to be about the process until I re-read Rossie's post about it! Anyway, good idea and thank you.


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