Friday, October 8, 2010

a sartorial detour and story time

This is a photo of my Grama Dona around 1952.  She is holding my Aunt Debe and is pregnant with my Aunt Kathie.  My mom would be born several years later, the seventh of eight children.

My Grama is wearing a suit that she made.  I love the stripes and the purple lining--so sharp!  She sewed for many years on her grandmother's treadle machine before finally entering the modern age with an electric machine.  After sewing virtually everything for eight babies, Grama decided she was through with sewing and I can't blame her.  Her grandmother Ingeborg (my great-great-)  was a seamstress, a trade she learned in her native Norway and brought to upstate Minnesota in the 1890s. 

They were homesteaders, and lived for a number of years in a cabin built by my great-great grandfather.  Ingeborg had twelve children, so I imagine her sewing skills served her well.  She also played the harp and made hairpin lace, and baked a dozen loaves of bread three times a week.  Kind of my dream life, minus the twelve kids...

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  1. An interesting post and a very pretty lady.
    We're a large family, I'm the oldest of 7 and I just couldn't imagine 12!


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