Sunday, October 3, 2010

sewn footwear

I really love handmade slippers.  Or room shoes, or house shoes, or whatever you call them.  They're so much cuter than your standard rubber-soled fuzzies!

I made these as a sample for the quilt shop where I once worked; they are the Favorite Things ballet slippers pattern.  A major bonus of this pattern is it is sized infant through adult!  I don't recall whether the adult sizes are according to shoe size or S/M/L.  I can tell you I wear a 7 and these are the tiniest big snug.  I made an  infant medium, and they were a snap!

I shoulda finished the seam inside but what the heck.  Sometimes, life is too short.  Other times, you don't read the directions all the way before declaring yourself finished!

These sew up relatively quickly and would make great gifts!  If you choose to do either of the two strap variations, invest in a turn-all tool.  If I were to make these again, I would probably just make straps by cutting a strip 4 times the desired finished width, then press the strip in half the long way, and press the raw long edges to the center.  Edgestitch and you're done!

Here are a couple of links to past room shoe sewing projects.  Happy sewing!
*Note: I used Jiffy Grip for the soles.  It's nice and seems to be more durable than scrap denim.


    1. I just bought a new pair like this and absolutely love them!

    2. Cute shoes! I love that single blue strap among all the pink.

      ~ Meagan


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