Monday, January 10, 2011

crocheting the night away

All the women in my family crochet, back to my great-great grandmother Ingeborg.  (What a name!  She was Norwegian.)  I just learned, and am finding it rather enjoyable.  In keeping with my own tradition, my first project is enormous.  Here it is, what will someday be a decent-sized afghan:

It is just vertical stripes of single crochet in varying widths, inspired in part by traditional Amish bars quilts. Who knew crocheting would require so much yarn!  I still have a lot to learn, but I like having a new way to busy my hands while the rest of me relaxes.

Do you crochet?  If you know of any contemporary crochet blogs, beginner resources, tutorials etcetera, please share!  I would be so grateful.  The modern patchwork and sewing community is vast and thriving, but I am finding it more difficult to break into the parallel world of modern crochet--surely it exists!

Next time I take up a new craft, I must remember to start small.


  1. I just started crocheting too! I'm really loving it. Very relaxing. I like and You have to sign up for both (super simple) but there are tons and tons of free patterns to choose from.

    I also found this tutorial that I thought was pretty neat! Come to think of it, I may just do a post myself of all the neat sites I've found over the past few weeks :)

  2. Ooh! I forgot all about Ravelry, and just spent over an hour there before I knew what was happening. I'll keep an eye on your blog for more crochet action! I'm glad we're both beginners. I've been sewing for over half my life and feel pretty competent; starting from square one with a new craft is exciting and kind of frustrating too.

  3. I started crocheting 12 months ago, and am completely hooked (pardon the pun!). I left a list of my favourite blogs on one of your photos on Flickr. I found most of them through Flickr...most people link their blogs to their photos. If you follow the links and then check out the blogs that THEY are reading, you'll have a long list of favourites to get ideas from before you know it! Contempary crochet is alive and well...and fascinating :)

    PS...if you really want to see the mind-blowing extent crochet can be taken to, check out Renate Kirkpatrick or Prudence Mapstone on Flickr. Freeform is a whole other world!
    From granny squares, to doilies, to afghans, to freeform...crochet is versatile and unique :)

  4. Hello Britt! I too have an Ingeborg (Aunt Inge as we call her) in the family. Only my aunt is from Germany. It seems that back in the day that was quite a common name. I have crocheted since I was 12, and soon to be 60 this Tuesday, so yes a long time around the old block or two with a hook...and knit too, and quilt...the list goes on and on...happy crocheting!

  5. oh man. Crocheting makes me crazy. I can't handle it. I <3 knitting though. That I can do with my eyes closed. I think my problem with crocheting is that I always pull my stitches waaaaaay too tight and then can't get the hook in on the next go 'round. I'm impressed with anyone who doesn't go crazy with crochet!

  6. Sara: Yeah, I am having the hardest time maintaining consistent tension. I don't like how your loops are supposed to be loose-ish, but you just have to kind of feel it. I have to warm up, and by the time I get comfortable with my tension, I've got half a row of unruly loops! Maybe I'll get the hang of it?


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