Thursday, April 21, 2011

Betty Dear

I love this fabric.  LOVE.  And it's so hard to find!!  I was lucky enough to score several yards from this Etsy seller.  If I had the bank account for it, I'd buy a whole bolt!

How about you--is there one fabric you absolutely adore?  That you hoard and never use, or buy over and over again because you use it in every project?  Links please!!


  1. There is a new line about to hit the shelves at any moment called Sew Cherry that is DIVINE!!!

  2. It's super cute, thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of it before now. Retro-inspired design is the best. I'm really into 1950s-ish prints right now.

  3. UUuuh! Sew Cherry looks amazing! It's really cheerful. I really love a lot of the prints from Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks and Folksy Flannel collections. I've hoarded some of the flannel and I also love the texture and print of the pastry line dobby dot. That collection all together is still my favourite. I'm really looking forward to her next collection, though, the sneak peek looked beautiful.

  4. Oh yes!! I found a bunch of AMH Folksy Flannel on sale and bought a yard of most of it. Still not sure what to do with it though! Anna Maria Horner can do no wrong, really.

  5. Lucky you! :-) I made some baby blankets to give as gifts and also some nice coasters from the flannels. I have some yards left and I also have to decide what to do with it. I'd like to try to make a stuffed toy from different scraps.


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