Friday, May 27, 2011


You're all winners, but two most of all!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left a comment during Giveaway Day.  (Isn't Sew Mama Sew wonderful for hosting the event?) chose two winners, and while usually I would take a screencap of the image for proof, I am using a different computer and don't know how to do it on this thing.  Technology!

Unrelated: a good egg.  Because pictures are nice.

Congratulations to Viv, who won the bonnet, and Amber, who won the fat quarters!  I have your addresses and will drop your packages in the mail this weekend.

So, did you win anything?  I didn't, but then I only entered a few giveaways.  It's fun just to play the game.  My mom won a charm pack from Crafty Fox, and she was so excited you would have thought she won a whole fabric warehouse!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


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