Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorbetto top pattern review

I am so glad that Colette Patterns exists.  I am gladder still that they release a free pattern every year!  This time around, it's the Sorbetto top:

...which I love!  I stitched this up the same day the pattern was released, and not counting the time I spent assembling the pattern itself and sewing the muslin, this came together in just under an hour.  No joke.  It is a very flattering, relaxed cut with darts at the bust and no shapers in back.  (I forgot to photograph the back, sorry!)

I made this while visiting my parents, and the only suitable fabric I had on hand was an old mystery jersey that was stashed in their basement.  The fabric drapes nicely, but is still stable enough to handle the front box pleat and bust darts.  It also allowed me to take some shortcuts.  Rather than finishing the neckline and armholes with bias binding, which I didn't have on hand, I just serged the raw edges and let them be.  Same with the hem!

[I promise this isn't a look of annoyance!  It's just 100 degrees already, and brick is hot.]
I made a couple alterations to this pattern:
  • The muslin was a bit too short unhemmed, and cut me off just above the widest part of my hips, making my hips appear even wider.  No good.  So I added a full inch to the hem, not remembering that even serged jersey rolls.  Next time I'll add 1.25" to the hem.
  • Being petite in the high bust and fuller at the hips, I started with a generous 5/8" seam allowance at the armscythe side seam and graduated to a scant 5/8" when approaching the hem.

This top is wonderful and I plan to make several more before summer's end!  Colette Patterns are always well-illustrated with clear instructions, and are satisfying to sew.  This pattern is suitable for a beginner; the greatest challenge is selecting an appropriate fabric.  Drape makes all the difference here!  This chart is a handy reference tool:

Alright, get to sewing and let me know if you sewed this blouse too!  While you're doing that, I'll be packing for my fast-approaching move...

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  1. Cute! Jersey is a fun choice!

  2. Very cute! I printed the pattern out!

  3. Emily! Let me know how yours turns out. It's a really good weekend project!


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