Friday, August 19, 2011

blueberry pickin'

How I spent my Thursday afternoon:

Yes! I went to Hidden Springs Orchard in Cookeville with a couple of new friends, and it was a lovely time despite the heat.  The blueberry patch is indeed hidden, tucked down a dirt road deep in a holler (er, hollow?) in Jackson County.  And what could be better than gathering blueberries with friends?  Very little, except perhaps:

Fresh-baked blueberry buttermilk coffee cake!  With lemon zest crumb topping.  I've been on a bit of a baking tear since settling into my new kitchen, and am freezing about half of what I bake to get me through my first semester of college.  This recipe yields one 9" cake (which I baked in an 8" dish so it turned out very tall), of which I froze half.

So here you go!  Recipe after the jump.  If you use this recipe, I would love to hear (or see) how it turns out.

Friday, August 5, 2011

a postcard from Putnam County, USA

[The view from my kitchen window.]

I now live in Cookeville, Tennessee!  My internet connection is spotty but will be worked out soon.  Some facts about my new home:
  • My apartment is next door to an abandoned house, and next to that is a small and overgrown cemetery.
  • Early in the morning I can hear a rooster crow; some afternoons, I hear what I am guessing is a donkey braying.
  • I live down a state road a couple miles from the University.  At night it is so dark I can't see the cars parked below my apartment.
  • A little further down the state road is a pasture of cows belonging to the school's Agriculture Department, as well as a field of sheep, and lots of barns and farmland.  Also: a This n' That Store and a biker bar that allegedly doubles as a bike shop.
In short: Cookeville is wonderful!  I am done with city living for the foreseeable future, and couldn't be happier.  Now, to get my sewing area set up...

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