Sunday, October 16, 2011


Holy...! School has kept me far more busy than I ever imagined possible. Among others, I am taking a drawing class and Intro to Fibers, two studio classes that together occupy the lion's share of my waking hours.

Right now we are concluding the surface design section of the semester in Fibers.  I get so excited about screenprinting fabric that I can't fall asleep; my mind is racing with new ideas!  It's kind of bad news.
Thus far, we've covered solid shade dyeing, low water immersion, itajime (that weekend's assignment of 4 yards took 22 hours to complete!), and different methods of surface design. I'll post photos of my better work soon!


  1. Hi Britt. I cam over from flickr. Thanks for the opportunity to post our blogs. Hope you have time to come over to mind and say Hi. How is your class going?

  2. Hi Carla! You have a lovely blog. Class is wonderful--we began the weaving section last week. I am a bit intimidated by the floor looms but it is more exciting than anything! Hopefully I'll weave up something lovely to share.

  3. I just found you via flickr, and this looks great! Would love to see your other printing! :)

  4. I just found you on flickr too...
    It looks so interesting the fiber activated dye!!! your design looks great! I lose a lot of sleep over screen printing ALL the time.. I just love it so! :)


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